Terms & Conditions

    1. MTC offers a twenty four hour “Breakdown Service” in Malta and Gozo, free to members holding a valid Membership Card, which must be shown on demand. If it is not shown, the MTC representative has the right to ask for a deposit before the towing or other services may be given.   Membership is effective after three (3) days from date of payment.
    3. Membership is on a twelve month basis including All Feasts and Public Holidays and also includes Home service throughout Malta and Gozo.
    5. MTC will grant direct members a 10% off annual renewal fees if the member has not made use of any services during the 12 month membership.
    7. Cancellations of memberships are not subject to refunds.
    9. Transfers of direct memberships are subject to an administration fee.  Member must also provide a copy of the new log book and the valid membership card of the vehicle being transferred.
    11. In the event that our assistance is required after the membership period has elapsed, direct members can still benefit from a free breakdown service strictly within seven (7) days from the expiry date of relative membership.  In order to take advantage of the free service when membership is expired, membership fee must be paid on the spot.  Once the seven days from expiry date are over, the non member fee is applicable in order for us to be able to provide our assistance.
    13. In case of breakdown, the member must give to MTC representatives full membership details and exact place of breakdown so that MTC can offer an efficient service.
    15. MTC driver will drive the members to their residence after breakdown at any time during the night and to the nearest bus stop during daytime.
    17. No pre bookings are accepted. Members are advised to call up to a maximum of one hour before our assistance is required.
    19. MTC undertakes to send its representatives to the spot where the member’s vehicle has broken down as soon as possible after the member has phoned asking for assistance.
    21. MTC also provides repairs of the vehicle at its place of breakdown if repairs are of a minor nature and can effectively be carried out on the spot. If the repair cannot be carried out within a reasonable time, or if the job needs special tools or parts which are not immediately available, MTC will offer the vehicle owner the option of either towing the car to the MTC Repair Centre in Mosta or else tow the vehicle to a garage or destination as recommended by the owner/driver of the vehicle. The member will be asked to pay for spare parts used or replaced.
    23. MTC representatives will offer services in accordance with the standard membership services. All tows to MTC Repair Centre in Mosta will be deemed free of charge to all members and subject to a discount for non-members.
    25. MTC will refuse to send any assistance or carry out any services if the vehicle is unattended. Member must be present while vehicle is being towed unless a valid reason is given. This will be accepted at MTC’s discretion; in such instances, towing can be done at member’s own risk. Should it be the case that vehicle is towed to a garage or destination recommended by the owner whereby vehicle is not accepted and / or garage is closed then vehicle will be towed back to client’s residence at a charge.
    27. The member must keep the vehicle “Roadworthy” and in good condition. Spare wheel replacement service consists of the removal of the vehicle’s flat tyre and its replacement with the spare wheel of the same vehicle. Members must have both a spare wheel and basic tools in good condition in case of a flat tyre and/or other minor problems. If spare wheel and tools are not available and/or not in good condition, MTC will then charge the member a levy of €15.00 and tow to the nearest vulcaniser. If the vehicle has two or more flat tyres at the same time, the vehicle will be towed without levy to the nearest vulcaniser or home during night. In the event of excessive calls, members may be requested to have the vehicle towed to our repair centre in Mosta for an inspection.
    29. There will be no extra charges for the first and second time a member phones for battery boost assistance. However, on the second time, the member will be advised that a fee will be levied if this service will be required again within same week.
    31. MTC can provide the member with a battery replacement against a payment. This service is available by appointment, subject to availability from stock.
    33. MTC offers up to five litres of fuel to members, against payment, for use the first time that a member’s car runs out of fuel. If the member requires this service more than once during a 12 month membership period, a levy of € 15.00 will be added to the cost of the fuel given.
    35. When keys are locked inside the car, MTC has to use a special kit (hand tools) not the master key. This service is provided on condition that the task is done at client’s own risk. During the operation, MTC is not responsible for any damages that might be done to the vehicle. Should it be the case that procedure cannot be completed due to dead lock devices, central locks and/or other modifications for security reasons, the vehicle will be towed for free. Automobile manufacturers secure vehicles with exceptional security systems to protect vehicles, thus making it difficult to open with hand tools. If the member requires this service more than once during a 12 month membership period, MTC will charge the member a € 15.00 levy.
    37. In case of lost keys, a charge of € 15.00 will be levied.
    39. Towings to scrap yards are subject to a € 20.00 charge.
    41. Members may be asked to pay for any additional or optional services over and above services as outlined in the standard membership services. In the event that a member encounters minor difficulties however vehicle can still be driven, our assistance can be given against a payment.
    43. In case of towing from Gozo to Malta and vice versa, MTC members must pay ferry fees both for their car and MTC truck.
    45. The vehicle shall only be towed along asphalted roads. A request for service will not be accepted if the vehicle is below road level, on sand, in the sea or in any other place where MTC trucks cannot enter. Assistance will not be given if the vehicle is involved in illegal matters, or if police investigations are being carried out, or if the vehicle is loaded with heavy material, or if it is towing a caravan, a box, a boat or trailer. In such cases, MTC may choose to offer alternative services at its discretion.
    47. In the event of immobilisation or sinking in soft grounds of the vehicle due to floods, or abnormal circumstances then, MTC will offer its services at the earliest time possible.
    49. In case of basement garages and car parks where MTC trucks cannot enter the premises due to low ceilings, steep ramps, closed gates etc, MTC will do its utmost to offer its assistance but in case of any difficulties which may arise and works cannot be carried out, then assistance will not be given. Should it be the case that two MTC tow trucks and/or a smaller truck have to be sent on the spot to tow and/or effect any repairs, a charge will be levied.
    51. MTC offers a second delivery service. In the event that a vehicle stops at night during the week, weekends or public holidays, when all mechanics are closed, the vehicle is towed to the owner’s residence and will be towed again to the mechanic free of charge. Should further towings be requested, a charge will be levied. In case that vehicle is towed to the owner’s residence during day time, when repair centres are open, a fee will be charged for a second towing. During shutdowns, when client’s mechanic is closed, second delivery service is not applicable, when vehicle stops during the day. In this event, second delivery service can be effected against a charge.
    53. Accidents incurred by 3rd parties will have to be paid for by the 3rd party side. This will not affect MTC members.
    55. MTC is not responsible for any damages sustained by the owner/driver if the towing truck suffers any delay.
    57. During towing, MTC is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to the vehicle being towed. The spoiler of the vehicle must be at least 6 inches above ground level to ensure no damage to the vehicle while being towed.
    59. In case of collision, member must phone MTC after Police or Wardens give “go-ahead” to move relative vehicles. In the event that MTC’s representative arrives on the spot and cars still cannot be cleared, then a fee is charged.
    61. Private Car & Trailers membership covers private vehicle and trailer up to 24 feet. Trailer must have a spare wheel in good condition. Owner must replace the trailer’s bearings every year. In case that a towing is needed, destination should be either back to the owner’s residence or to a garage where the trailer is going to be repaired. The trailer must bear a serial number which will be provided by MTC.
    63. MTC may terminate the membership of any registered car without giving a reason. All such decisions will be final and not subject to any appeal.
    65. MTC reserves the right to amend or change these rules from time to time. It is the member's responsibility to read the terms and conditions. With each membership renewal, it is assumed that the member has read the terms and conditions.
    67. Motor Towing Co-Operative has no other connection with any other towing companies.

    Motor Towing Co-operative has no connection with any other towing companies.