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Be Prepared For Roadside Emergencies

Whether you're planning to visit friends and family, taking a holiday, driving home from school or work, or just heading out to the shops, make sure you're prepared for roadside emergencies.

Remember this telephone number, it could save you in the case of an emergency:

Now check your emergency item inventory. There are some essential items that every driver should keep in their vehicle at all times.

One of the most common roadside emergencies is a flat tire. If you carry a spare and don't mind replacing the tire yourself, have a good jack and the proper lugwrench on hand. But remember, any time you have to pull over, find the safest place away from the road as you can. Often the shoulder doesn't offer enough stability or protection from speeding traffic. So, please, play it safe when stopping to repair your vehicle at the side of a road.

If you do end up stranded, you need to always make yourself visible to oncoming traffic. In many cases, your car's hazard lights don't offer you enough visibility. Road flares and reflective triangles are essential to any emergency kit.

Also, a mobile phone can be extremely helpful when you need to call for help on a busy roadway or in a remote area. Have you memorized that number above yet? We made sure its an easy number, so anyone can remember it.

It's always a good idea to have a blanket, gloves and non-perishable food items and plenty of water in case you're stranded for a while in the cold or heat.

All these items and more should be available from any good car accessory shop. As a member, you can always ask MTC sales associates for help to find all the important emergency items you'll need for roadside safety year 'round.

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